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Carly Schmutz


Dependable, Young Adult, Jenny Moyer, Kathleen Breitenfeld, Dystopia, Teen Romance, Adventure, Rebellion

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Book Review


Set in a futuristic, dystopian society, Flashfall is an adventurous, fast-paced read telling the story of two oppressed teens, Orion and Dram, who rebel against their overlords and change the course of their world in the process. Orion and Dram are Subpars, assigned to mine a precious element called Cirium, which the central government collects—they are told—to create a barrier that protects their world from the intense radioactive rays of the sun. The barrier does not protect the Subpars and they are dying from over-exposure, or Flash Fever, every day. Orion and Dram are exiled to a dangerous outpost where they meet other rebels and learn that the minerals they are collecting are used enslave and inhibit their people. The rebels band together to escape this oppressive society. Eventually, the rebels develop a serum that can cure Flash Fever and escape into a free area. Dram and Orion fall in love and marry as free people, preparing to go back to free their captive friends.