Rachel Wadham


Outstanding, Intermediate, Young Adult, Kelly Barnhill, Magic, Fantasy, Witches, Dragons, Family

Document Type

Book Review


Each year the Protectorate sacrifices a baby, but what the townspeople don’t know is that the kind Witch Xan safely retrieves them all. The year she retrieves Luna, Xan realizes only she can guide the child infused with moon magic, and she takes her home. Back in the Protectorate, Antian begins to question the practice of infant sacrifice as he sees Luna’s mother driven to madness from loss, and his son is marked as the next sacrifice for the Witch. As the pair set out to put an end to the ritual, Luna nears her thirteenth birthday and her long-suppressed magic is trying to break free. As Xan travels to retrieve the newest baby, Luna follows her. Soon everyone’s fates intertwine as secrets are revealed that show the real Witch may be closer than expected.