Rachel Wadham


Excellent, Young Adult, Sarah Ahiers, Assassin, Magic, Mafia, Heritage, Family, Coming Of Age

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Book Review


Thief's Cunning by Sarah Ahiers is the companion novel to Assassin's Heart, set eighteen years later. Allegra is raised by Lea Saldana, her aunt, as an assassin. Feeling caged in, Allegra is excited to go to Lovero, where Lea was raised. Lovero is exciting and everyone revels at night, however, Allegra learns of her true heritage while there: she is a Da Via. She is half Saldana and half Da Via. All her life she wanted to know about her heritage, but finding out that she is from the rival Family was not what she wanted. Seeking solace in a traveler boy, she reveals a family heirloom which causes the traveler people to kidnap her. Taken to Mornia, home of the travelers, she struggles to shake off another cage, but soon learns to find her place with Nev, the traveler she slept with. She eventually learns that love is a type of cage, but if you choose who you love, you can still be free.