Lisa Packard


Excellent, Intermediate, Young Adult, S.E. Wendel, Aliens, Space Travel, New Experiences, Change

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Book Review


Hugh and his twin brother Rhys have been granted passage on a starship to a new planet called Terra Nova. Hugh gets to be an apprentice to an engineer during the seven year journey, but Rhys is put into cryo-tube to sleep the entire journey. As Hugh is dealing with the loss of his brother and learning the ropes of taking care of the engines he meets Elena. On the planet Terra Nova, a young Charneki becomes the ruler of them all. Zeneba, the ruler, is having to learn how to be a leader when she is very young. As she's preparing to be crowned, she learns that some unknown disaster is going to happen during her rule. Seven years later, Rhys is finally awoken, only to have Hugh find out he hasn't aged a day. He's still eleven years old and they are landing on Terra Nova to a whole new world. At Zeneba's crowning, four stars fall from the sky and cause chaos. She doesn't know what to do except that she must protect her people.