Article Title

The Nameless City


Lisa Packard


Outstanding, Primary, Intermediate, Faith Erin Hicks, Jordie Bellaire, War, Friendship, Growing Up, Discovery

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Book Review


Kaidu has traveled to the Nameless City to study and train as a soldier, but he's no good at being a soldier. He escapes to explore the city and meets Rat, a homeless girl who doesn't like outsiders. When Rat runs away, Kaidu chases after her and eventually catches Rat, which surprises her. No one has ever caught her before! As a trade, Rat will teach Kaidu how to run even faster if he will bring her food to eat. Becoming quick friends, Rat and Kaidu find that they have a lot in common. One day while Kaidu has to study, Rat learns that spies are going to kill the leader of Kaidu's people. She tells Kaidu and he is able to prevent his leader from getting killed, helping the people of the Nameless City and Kaidu's people to come to a truce for now.