Article Title

The World From Up Here


Ariel Woodbury


Excellent, Young Adult, Cecilia Galante, Mike Heath, Anxiety, Cousins, Confidence, Aspergers, Bravery

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Book Review


Wren never felt brave. And when her mother goes to the hospital for depression, life becomes more difficult. She has to take care of her little brother, Russell, while her dad stays with Hermon. Russell has Asperger syndrome, and sometimes he can be difficult to control. With their parents gone, they are staying at Aunt Marianne's house. The students in Wren's history class have to pick a topic to do a report on. Silver, Aunt Marianne's daughter, always the brave and courageous one, picks the topic of Witch Weatherly. There was a myth that no one ever came back from the witch's mountain. Somehow Wren gets pulled into the mess as Silvers partner, and they plan to secretly hike up the mountain. They overcome many challenges to reach the witch's house, and are surprised when she is nothing like what they imagined.