Article Title

Earth Aliens #6: Rebirth


Lisa Packard


Outstanding, Intermediate, Young Adult, S.E. Wendel, Aliens, Forgiveness, Compromise, Change

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Book Review


Zeneba has been captured by the humans. Despite being tortured and questioned about her people, Zeneba will not give in. Rhys is heartbroken over her capture and joins the Resistance to bring the human leader down, free Zeneba, and live in peace. However, while trying to free her Rhys is captured and imprisoned. Elena is able to break in, free Rhys and Zeneba, and barely escape with their lives. While in the capital city of the Charneki, the Tikshi come to kill them all, only to be beaten back until the humans show up. Zeneba and Rhys escape and try to make a treaty with the Resistance. The human general demands that Hugh arms the them with a bomb to take out the Charneki and surrounding humans. Hugh changes the blast radius, which effectively stops the war, but at a terrible cost. In honor of Hugh's death, Rhys dedicates himself to helping the Charneki and humans live in peace.