Becky Jamieson


Excellent, Young Adult, Kevin Hardman, Superhero, Science, Magic, Villains

Document Type

Book Review


Jim is not an ordinary sixteen-year-old. He is not even an ordinary super-powered teen. Jim has a smorgasbord of powers including flight, super speed, teleportation, telepathy, and shape-shifting (just to name a few). Two years ago at the superhero trials, Jim was caught on camera having a fight with the Alpha League, the most powerful superhero team around. However, they now have to work together to stop a group of super villains bent on destroying the Alpha League, killing Jim, and taking over the world. Stopping the super villains turns out to be the easy part; stopping the teenage members of the Alpha League that have turned evil is much more difficult. Working together, the heroes manage to stop the traitors, but not before Alpha League headquarters is destroyed. After all that excitement, Jim faces another surprise: his father, the greatest superhero on the planet, stops by his house to see him for the first time in his life.