Becky Jamieson


Significant Shortcomings, Intermediate, Ted Sanders, Magic, Good And Evil, Future, Animals, Empath

Document Type

Book Review


Horace, who can see up to one day in to the future, and Chloe, who can walk through walls, are no longer the newest Keepers on the block. They are veterans being asked to use their magical objects to protect the storehouse for such tools from their enemies, the Riven, once again. The Riven are following an animal empath named April with a broken object called the Ravenvine. They save April with the help of Chloe’s long lost mother who has the ability to stop the Riven with a magic-controlling harp. They are able to fix the Ravenvine, but Chloe doubts that her mother is back for the family she walked out on, and suspects that she is only there to get help with the harp which she cannot fully control. Meanwhile, Horace learns that using his future seeing box hurts the source of magic itself.