Jarrett Bell


Outstanding, Intermediate, Young Adult, Krista Van Dolzer, World War II, Prejudice, Family Life, Japanese, California

Document Type

Book Review


Ella Mae and her family live in a fictional town of California in post-World War II. In this science fiction story line, Ella Mae's rambunctious, grieving aunt gives the dog tags of Ella Mae’s late cousin, Robby, to a new group of scientists who have cracked the genetic code and are able to reconstitute a body from blood samples. There is only one problem: The grown body that comes out of the reconstruction chamber has dark hair, double eyelids, and olive skin—he is a young Japanese man (who they call Takuma). When Aunt Mildred is repulsed by “the abomination,” Ella Mae, her family, and her Californian community must deal with the prejudices they have as they house him. However, they soon learn that Takuma has more in common with Robby than they thought.