Article Title

Cy in Chains


Ariel Woodbury


Excellent, Young Adult, David L. Dudley, Slavery, Chain Gang, Escape, Freedom, Sacrifice

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Book Review


Cy Iives with his father, a sharecropper, until meddling in the white men's business gets the best of him. He is sent to a chain gang where he must work all day. Cy must do everything that Cain and Prescott tell him to. All the boys hate Cain and Prescott, and when the boys get the courage to display their anger they pay the price. The boys are whipped for bad behavior, or are sent to work in the mines. Visiting day is when all of camp prepares for people to come see the boys. Cy always hopes his dad will come. After waiting three years, Cy's father finally comes and explains why it took him so long. Cy and his dad devise a plan for escape, but one of their own betrays them. Cy finds a way to escape and frees everyone in the process. Friendship changes Cy, and he makes sacrifices for his friends. Cy finally feels free and happy about the choices he made.