Bethany Stevens


Excellent, Intermediate, Young Adult, Caren Stelson, World War II, Atomic Bomb, Victim, Japan, Courage

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Book Review


Sachiko is six-years-old when the bomb falls from the sky, forever altering her life's trajectory. Her two-year-old brother, Toshi, dies immediately in the blast. twelve-year-old Ichiro and fourteen-year-old Aki soon follow, suffering from the affects of radiation poisoning that know one understands or knows how to treat. Next is Uncle. Sachiko, Mother, and Father survive the initial destruction and attempt to rebuild the life that was so suddenly torn away from them. Years down the road, cancer from the radiation takes Father away. Sachiko survives as a silent witness, always keeping in remembrance those who didn't make it. Bolstered by the words of inspirational leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr., Helen Keller, and Mahatma Gandhi, whom her father greatly admired, Sachiko eventually finds the courage to raise her voice and share her experiences so that what happened to her never happens again to anyone else.