Becky Jamieson


Excellent, Primary, Intermediate, Tui T. Sutherland, Kari Sutherland, The Menagerie, Magical Creatures, Dragons, Family, Friendship, Kraken

Document Type

Book Review


Although Logan, Zoe, and Blue have only been friends for a week, it's up to them to resolve every crisis that comes the Menagerie's way. They have to capture a basilisk that has escaped its enclosure with the help of Marco the werechicken. Then they have to deal with the merpeople’s strike and interpret a message from the kraken: which helps Logan and his father to find Logan's kidnapped mother. She was captured along with a Chinese dragon by the Sterlings who, for profit, intended to reveal the magical creatures of the Menagerie to the world. With the help of a powerful magical creature called Bob, they stop the Sterlings. Once they research Scratch’s family history, Logan, Zoe, and Blue find that the person sabotaging the Menagerie is a government agent named Delia. Delia wants revenge on Scratch’s family, but she is caught and peace finally returns to the Menagerie.