Article Title

Faking Normal


Lisa Packard


Outstanding, Intermediate, Young Adult, Courtney C. Stevens, Overcoming Fear, Strength, Love, Friendship, Bravery, Rape

Document Type

Book Review


Alexi has a secret. One that she'll never tell. She deals with her pain and guilt by scratching her neck and counting the spaces in her air vent. As she's trying to deal with her pain, a boy from school that everyone calls the Kool-aid kid moves in with her family. Although everyone makes fun of Bodee (the Kool-aid kid) and thinks he's weird, Alexi befriends him. He listens and understands her. She knows she's safe with him and they quickly become best friends. Alexi eventually tells Bodee she was raped by her sisters fiance. As Bodee is trying to convince her to to tell her family, Alexi slowly falls into despair until she realizes she can't do it anymore. When she tells her sister, Alexi receives the comfort she's been craving. Bodee and Alexi start dating and continue to help each other be strong. Alexi no longer needs to count the spaces in her air vent; she can count the kisses Bodee gives her instead.