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Sarah Rawle


Excellent, Primary, Intermediate, Young Adult, Sharon Creech, Adventure, Cows, Poetry, Crazy Old Lady, Friendship

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Book Review


Reena never suspected that her family would actually move to Main. But when they do, they meet a crazy old lady, Mrs. Falala, who Reena and her brother Luke end up helping with Mrs. Falala’s many animals. At first it’s difficult, but soon they become comfortable friends. Reena helps take care of Mrs. Falala’s stubborn cow, Zora, and prepare her for the fair while Luke teaches Mrs. Falala how to draw. Preparing Zora for the fair is hard work. Fortunately, Reena makes friends with Zep and Beet and they teach Reena how to train Zora. Throughout the training process, Reena becomes close to Zora and realizes Zora’s need for a friend of the kind of her own—another cow. With the help of Zep and Beet, Zora is able to find Yolanda, a cow companion for Zora. In the end, Reena learns that Mrs. Falala has been looking for a friend who could look after her animals.