Tessa McMillan


Dependable, Intermediate, Young Adult, Peter Vegas, Mohammad Aram, Mystery, Detectives, Egypt, Missing Persons, Adventure

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Book Review


Sam Force is dreading his yearly Cairo vacation with his Egyptologist uncle, Jasper. Upon his arrival, Sam learns Jasper is wanted by the police. Escaping the authorities himself, Sam uses his wits and three new mysterious friends to search for Jasper. Following coded clues left by Jasper, Sam learns about the Panehesy: a buried merchant ship that carried an ancient-Egyptian treasure. Sam is threatened by the Short-Haired Man who also wants Jasper. Sam uncovers the buried Panehesy and finds Jasper trapped inside. Jasper tells Sam that the ship holds The Ark of the Covenant, an artifact many believe is the key to why the pyramids were built. But the Short-Haired Man arrives, takes the Ark, and seals Sam and Jasper inside the wreck. Sam escapes but not before the Ark is flown away by helicopter. Fighting for his life, Sam destroys the Short-Haired Man right when the man reveals that Sam’s dead parents might be alive.