Rebeca Wallin


Detectives, Sherlock Holmes, Mystery, Classics, Victorian England, Excellent, Intermediate, Young Adult, Desiree Sanchez

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The game is afoot in three classic stories reimagined with Sherlock Holmes played as a woman. In Copper Beeches, Holmes and Watson solve a mystery involving a forced impersonation and an imprisonment. In Yellow Face, Holmes makes a mistake when a missing first husband turns out to be a hidden mixed-race child. This child brings to light the racial prejudices rampant during the time period. In Bohemia, Holmes meets the infamous Irene Adler. She is involved in a blackmail case with the King of Bohemia involving an inappropriate photograph. Though Holmes cracks the case, she is still outsmarted by Adler who leaves the country with the photo. Adler promises not to use the photo unless threatened by the King, and Holmes declares herself outsmarted.