Kristie Hickley


Excellent, Primary, Callie Barkley, Marsha Riti, Friends, Horses, The Critter Club, Animal Shelter, Injuries

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Book Review


Marion is one of four girls that make up The Critter Club. After school, the girls help run a small animal shelter in their friend Ms. Sullivan’s barn. When a litter of kittens finds its way to The Critter Club, the girls are excited to take care of them. Marion struggles to make time for it all because not only is she a diligent student, but she also is training for a horse competition that’s coming up. She was hoping to win a blue ribbon at the competition in two weeks, until she trips and sprains her ankle at the barn. She becomes jealous of her sister who still gets to compete. When Marion gets down, her friends are there to remind her of all the things she can still do really well. In the end, The Critter Club finds homes for all of the kittens, and the girls have a party for Marion and her sister.