Article Title

The Emperor's Ostrich


Rachel Waddam


Outstanding, Primary, Intermediate, Julie Berry, Animals, Adventure, Humor, Fantasy, Emperor

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Book Review


The young Emperor is going to take the throne, but Grandfather Spirit thinks he’s not ready, so he sends him off on an adventure accompanied by an ostrich to protect him. Grandmother Spirit has had enough of this meddling, so she sends Maid Begonia chasing after her errant cow. Along the way, Key, a boy who is bound to save damsels in distress, joins the group as the emperor’s ostrich and Begonia’s cow refuse to be separated. Back home, a trio of men are plotting to take the throne while Begonia’s mother sets out to find her daughter. All the quests converge when the Emperor is taken to the dungeons and everyone must work together so he can prove that his adventures served to make him a better man.