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Monster Trucks


Lisa Packard


Outstanding, Primary, Intermedate, Lucas Till, Jane Levy, Thomas Lennon, Trucks, Aliens, Secret, Danger, Survival

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Book Review


Tripp is a high school senior who can't wait to graduate and move on with his life. As he's fixing up a truck, he discovers a creature that lives off oil. Not knowing what it is, Tripp names it Creech and uses him to power his truck, both of them having the time of their lives. Unfortunately, an oil company has Creech's parents and are on the hunt for Creech, quickly discovering that Tripp has him. Creech is caught and the oil company plans to kill all the creatures like him. Now, Tripp and his friends are running out of time to save everyone. With some last minute help from a scientist, Tripp is able to save Creech and his family.