Article Title

Save Me a Seat


Abigail Packard


Outstanding, Intermediate, Sarah Weeks, Gita Varadarajan, India, America, Cultural Differences, Friendship, Bullying

Document Type

Book Review


Joe was doing fine in school until both of his best friends moved away the summer before fifth-grade. Now he’s unsure of who he’ll sit with at school lunch or who will go with him to the resource room for extra help. And his new teacher doesn’t know the things that help him learn best! Ravi was top of his class at his school Vidya Mandir back in India before his family moved to New Jersey the summer before fifth grade. Now he doesn’t have any friends and his classmates don’t understand him even though he speaks English. And his teacher thinks he needs to go to the resource room to get extra help. As the first week of fifth grade progresses, both Joe and Ravi realize that first impressions are often wrong. They also find common ground in a common enemy: the school bully, Dillon, who has Indian heritage but was born in America and thinks he’s better than everyone else. Over the first five days of the school year, Joe and Ravi stop Dillon from playing a prank on them, become friends, and realize that the best way for them to fit into their new class is to be themselves.