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Lisa Packard


Excellent, Young Adult, Sarah Ockler, Ice Skating, New York, Self Discovery, Divorce

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Book Review


Hudson Avery loves ice skating. But at the peak of her high school career she finds out her dad has been cheating on her mom. Distraught, Hudson gives up skating and hides behind baking cupcakes. While working at her mom’s diner, she's dealing with feelings of being betrayed and abandoned by her dad and disappointment in herself for giving up something she loves. One day she receives a letter from her old ice skating instructor inviting her to compete in a skating competition to win a scholarship for college. As Hudson prepares for the competition, she starts to question what she really wants in life. Does she want to be a skater? Does she want to go to college? Does she want to own the diner? When she goes to the competition, she realizes that she has grown up and moved on. She is the Cupcake Queen and she works at a diner. She doesn't need to go to college or leave town to be what she wants to be. Hudson realizes who she really is inside and there's no need to look at the past and become bitter. Now she can move on and become better.