Tessa McMillan


Excellent, Young Adult, J. D. Rinehart, Fantasy, Triplets, Brothers, Magic, Action, Adventure

Document Type

Book Review


Escaping the zombie plagued Idilliam, Gulph finds a shaky sanctuary in the lost underground realm of Celestis. Meanwhile, the wizard Melchior arrives at the Trident camp and takes Tarlan on a journey to rejuvenate his wizarding powers. Once Tarlan leaves, Elodie’s adopted father, Lord Vicerin, attacks the Trident troops but Elodie pretends to turn on her soldiers to spare their lives. When Elodie returns with Vicerin, his true intentions are revealed. Vicerin poisons his wife and then blackmails Elodie into marrying him so he can lay claim to Toronia’s crown. Secretly, Gulph makes his way back to Idilliam to free the captured Tangletree Players. Unfortunately, Brutan’s forces prepare to follow Gulph’s rescue party after he returns to Celestis. Armed with the knowledge that fire can end the zombie plague, Gulph climbs up from the chasm surrounding Idilliam and sets fire to the city. Gulph faces off with Brutan, but Gulph jumps into the chasm to avoid being plagued by Brutan. Tarlan soon arrives and finally destroys Brutan.