Kristie Hickley


Excellent, Primary, Lisze Becktold, Jealousy, Dogs, Friendship, Humor, Green Light Readers, Level Three

Document Type

Book Review


Roger brings home a new dog, Buster. Buster is shy and relies on Phoebe, Roger’s other dog, in order to figure out how things work. Phoebe tricks Buster into thinking that he needs to train his bones to stay in order for them to stay put. Phoebe really just takes them and adds them to her bone collection. When they meet an enormous neighbor dog, Gregory, with an enormous bone, Phoebe makes Buster go get the bone. Buster doesn’t want to steal the bone from his new friend. Phoebe tries to steal Gregory’s big bone, but she gets caught with the bone and Buster has made a new friend on the block.