Kristie Hickley


Excellent, Primary, Cynthia Rylant, Sucie Stevenson, Sleepovers, Friendship, Ready To Read, Level Two

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Book Review


Henry is a young, red-haired boy with a large, playful dog, Mudge. They go everywhere together! When Henry’s friend Patrick invites them to a sleepover party, Mudge is invited too. In fact, all of Henry’s friends bring their dogs to the party, which makes Patrick’s parents a little worried about their precious, breakable knick-knacks. They send the boys and their dogs up to the attic for more sleepover fun. They enjoy monster movies, pizza, and a popcorn-eating contest for the dogs before they each snuggle into their sleeping bags and fall asleep. Mudge is the only dog that has his own sleeping bag because he is so big, and all the other dogs end up sharing Mudge’s sleeping bag with him before morning comes.