Article Title

Arcadia Burns


Lisa Packard


Excellent, Young Adult, Kai Meyer, Italy, New York, Mystery, Crime, Shapeshifting, Vendetta

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Book Review


As Rosa is still trying to get a handle on changing into a snake when her emotions get out of control, which is very hard to do with Alessandro around, she and Alessandro are trying to figure out who TABULA is and what they do. Rosa's family lawyer sends her a tape of who raped her almost two years ago and the discovery is disturbing. Alessandro's cousins raped her under the direction of her father, who is believed to be dead. As Rosa gets to the bottom of the mystery, the Hungry Man, the leader of all the clans, is sending hunting dogs to kill her. Rosa and Alessandro come up with a plan, but not without great loss. Alessandro's cousins are now dead, but Rosa still doesn't know where her father is, and what exactly her family is involved in. When Rosa meets the Hungry Man he doesn't really answer her questions, except for the fact that her father is alive and working with TABULA, the society of scientists working against the Arcadians and their legacy.