Kristie Hickley


Outstanding, Preschool, Primary, Ree Drummond, Diane DeGroat, Pets, Dogs, Family, I Can Read!, Level One

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Book Review


Charlie lives with his family on a ranch. After seeing a rock star dog on TV, Charlie decided he wants the easy life of a rock star dog too. He heads to the closet for some rock star clothes and after putting some clothes and accessories, he looks fabulous! Charlie expects other people to clean up his messes while he neglects his responsibilities on the ranch. However, he realizes that his life is less than glamorous. When Charlie tries to take a nap on some bales of hay but they are too scratchy. Plus, it’s way too noisy outside on the ranch. When he trips on his shoelaces as he tries to scare away the squirrels and snakes, Charlie realizes that he would rather work hard and have his ranch life back.