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Everything, Everything


Lisa Packard


Outstanding, Imtermediate, Amandia Stenber, Nick Robinson, Anika Noni Rose, Love, Sickness, Secret, Run-Away, Growing Up, Romance

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Book Review


Maddy has a very rare autoimmune disease: if she steps outside her home, she'll die. One day, a boy named Olly moves next door. Communicating only through text and email, Maddy and Olly get to know each other and slowly start to fall in love. Maddy's nurse sneaks Olly into the house on one condition: he cannot touch her. After having a stolen kiss, and Olly telling her she's only living a half life, Maddy runs away from home. She and Olly travel to Hawaii, having the time of her life until she becomes very sick. The doctors tell her that she doesn't have the rare disease she's been told she has. Feeling betrayed and heartbroken by her mother who lied to her for eighteen years, Maddy runs away to New York to be with Olly and live the life she's always wanted.