Article Title

Elmer and the Flood


Aylea Stephens


Significant Shortcomings, Primary, David McKee, Elephants, Animals, Tricks, Rain, Floods, Picture Book

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Book Review


It has been raining for days and Elmer, the patchwork elephant, is tired of being stuck inside a cave with the rest of his herd. Many animals suggest to him that he should come inside their caves because of the rain, but Elmer still wants to go for a walk. The jungle is partly flooded, but the crocodiles are excited to swim in new places and the ducks are enjoying the weather. Elmer learns that Young Elephant is missing, so he goes to rescue Young, who is stuck on an island. Elmer gets all of the other elephants to help rescue Young. When the elephants trap him on the island as a joke, Elmer is just happy to finally have some peace and quiet.