Olivia Noli


Outstanding, Intermediate, Michael Buckley, Peter Ferguson, Magic, Fairy Tale, Brothers Grimm, Snow White

Document Type

Book Review


In the final story, Mirror (the magic mirror a.k.a the Master) has taken over Granny Relda's body in an effort to escape Ferryport Landing. However, he is unable to leave and the Scarlet Hand is wildly rampaging through the town and causing mass destruction. The Grimm Family takes refuge in Charming's new castle along with some twenty or so other Everafter refugees. The war seems hopeless, but with the help of the Wicked Queen, they are able to procure a prophesy from the magic mirrors, providing their only course of hope. Only the Grimm sisters can lead the army to victory with Sabrina at the head and Daphne with a coven of witches. They stumble and make mistakes, but soon come face to face with Mirror in an epic end to this amazing series.