Article Title

Spoonface Steinberg


Rebeca Wallin


Outstanding, Young Adult, Lee Hall, Cancer, Autism, Death, Divorce, Meaning Of Life, Radio Drama

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Play Review


Spoonface is in bed in the last stages of cancer when she explains her life to the audience. Her parents discovered her autism at an early age and later her gift with numbers and dates. The parents go through a rocky divorce leaving Spoonface mostly with her mother with occasional visits from the father. When her cancer is discovered, doctors give little hope but still try grueling treatments which weaken and sicken Spoonface. Through all her descriptions of the tragic life she has lead Spoonface stays optimistic, cheerful, and hopeful. She finds joy in the opera music she loves and always sees the good in those around her. The playwright manages to bring humor, hope, and joy to the tragedy as Spoonface contemplates the meaning and end of life.