Aylea Stephens


Significant Shortcomings, Young Adult, Jennifer E. Smith, Changes, Going To College, Dating, Teen Romance, Goodbyes

Document Type

Book Review


It is their last night before leaving for college, and Clare and Aidan have to figure out if they are going to have a long distance relationship or break up. Clare makes a list of the things and places that have been the most important in their two years of being together. Together they go from place to place, reliving the moments that brought them together. Along the way, they discuss the possibility of staying together and the fear of being apart. They get upset with each other and some of their friends as everyone they know struggles to deal with moving on to a new stage of life that no one is feeling comfortable with. Through the course of one night, Clare and Aidan decide to move on to have the college experience, but leave room for possible hellos in the future after a long night of goodbyes.