Aylea Stephens


Cannot Recommend, Intermediate, David Teague, Whimsy, Grief, Death, Friendship, Ordinary, Imagination

Document Type

Book Review


All Henry Cicada wants is to be ordinary and unnoticed, but this is hard to do when his dad spends all of his time in the basement trying to discover something useful to do with the odd green material his late wife discovered. Henry gets more than he wanted when he decides to stand up to the school bully, adopts a dog with only three legs, and then accidentally travels across dimensions into the imagination of a girl named Lulu through a doghouse made out of Elktonium. When he discovers that Lulu is in trouble and her aunt Tiffany is trying to crush her imagination and send her on the road to Nowhere, Henry knows he has to help. Even though what he thinks he wants most is to be ordinary, he learns that helping someone else who is hurting can make your own pain go away.