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Bob and Joss Get Lost!


Jess Verzello


Outstanding, Preschool, Primary, Peter McCleery, Vin Vogel, Island, Adventure, Shipwreck, Friendship, Beach Resort, Wilderness Survival

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Book Review


When Bob becomes bored, he and Joss decide to jump on a boat and go on an adventure. But when their boat is shipwrecked on a tropical island, Bob finds that survival in the wild isn’t the easiest. They face new monsters, learn to build a shelter, and scavenge for food. Bob can’t help but freak out while Joss seems to keep his cool. When Joss comes back with beach towels, a snorkel, and fins Bob realizes that they crash landed on the other side on the island where the resort is! They make it back home safely, but soon Bob gets bored again.