Excellent, Preschool, Primary, Jacqueline Resnick, Robert Eberz, I Can Read!, Level One, Friendship, Cats, Mice, Rhymes

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Seymour misses his brother Brice, so Brice is coming for a visit! Splat the Cat tells his mom that there will be twice the mice. Splat’s mother warns him to be extra nice because not all mice think cats are nice. Seymour and Splat work super hard to prepare for Brice’s visit. Splat makes a statue out of ice for Brice, but the ice sculpture starts to melt after they fall asleep. Splat wakes up and runs to greet Brice, but he slips on the ice. He is sad that the ice sculpture is so melted and small, but Brice loves it because it’s “mice size” now! All is well in the end.