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My Friend Rabbit


Outstanding, Preschool, Primary, Eric Rohmann, Friendship, Animals, Picture Book

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Book Review


My Friend Rabbit is about mouse's friend Rabbit who means well, but always gets into trouble. Rabbit gets an airplane stuck in a tree and has a brilliant idea to stack up zoo animals, including an elephant, a rhino, a hippo, and a bear, to help them reach it. But the plane is still out of reach! After Rabbit’s last effort, the animals come tumbling down. The animals are not happy, but Rabbit means well. This book might leave you thinking about some of your friends that may be like Rabbit sometimes. In the end, good friends stick around through the thick and thin. My Friend Rabbit has bold illustrations with relatable characters. The illustrations adds to the story being told via the text. There is a problem with a plane stuck in a tree and the solution involves almost ten different animals, but none of those details are found in the text. The climax of the story is made even more dramatic with a vertical page spread, meaning you have to turn the book in order to see the illustration right-side-up. The little mouse, who is the voice of this book, can be spotted on almost every page, which is great for children who cannot read yet. Children will giggle at the rabbit who can carry a hippo and the mouse who can pull an elephant. Eric Rohmann uses watercolors to create the illustrations in this book. Most of the pages include vibrant illustrations, not text. Parents and children alike will enjoy this book and the rabbit who means well.