Aylea Stephens


Dependable, Young Adult, Katie Finn, Friendship, Teen Romance, Young Adult Drama, Natural Disasters

Document Type

Book Review


If things between Gemma and Hallie weren't already bad enough, their parents are now engaged and they're stuck in the Hamptons together during a hurricane. Putting their own conflict aside, the girls decide to do whatever is necessary to split up their parents. But when a hurricane comes Gemma, Hallie, Ford, Teddy, and Sophie are all stuck trying to survive the storm while also working on their schemes. During the course of the storm, the girls discover the truth of what happened between them and who was trying to drive them apart for their own personal gain. In the end, Hallie and Gemma decide to put their feud aside to survive the storm, find love, and to help their parents find their own happiness. This book had a good ending to what the first two books set up, but it would have been more effective to put the series into two books because at times this one feels like it is dragged out with the same false information, sabotage, and then realization of what is actually going on that dominated the first two books in the series. The ending to the series wasn't a grand finale, and it doesn't show a lot of consequences for the actions of the characters in the series when they should have, but it leaves the reader satisfied with where the characters end up in the end. The books are very cliche, and the characters sometimes don't have much character traits other than the few that are necessary for the story to happen, but the story is still light and enjoyable, perfect for an easy summer read.