Olivia Noli


Outstanding, Intermediate, Michael Buckley, Peter Ferguson, Fairy Tale, Magic, Brothers Grimm

Document Type

Book Review


Sabrina, Daphne, and Puck leap into the Book of Everafter in pursuit of the Master, who has kidnapped their baby brother. They land right in Oz and must pretend to be the main characters in order to progress through the story. Once they do, a door appears and they continue to the next story, progressing towards the Master. Pinocchio is also loose in the book, trying to change his story so that he can grow from a boy to a man. As they continue in the strange world of the book, they encounter the editor of the book and a mysterious creature locked in the margins of the book. Eventually, they make it to the story of Snow White, which has been rewritten according to the editor. They finally encounter the Master in a showdown which leads to the final novel in the series.