Aylea Stephens


Excellent, Preschool, Rob Scotton, Splat The Cat, Zoo, Problems, Disappointment, Picture Book

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Book Review


Splat is thrilled to be able to go to the zoo with his class on a field trip to see the penguins. He thinks penguins are some of the best animals, and can’t wait to see them himself. Seymour can’t come because mice scare the elephants, but Seymour does his best to get to the zoo himself anyway when Splat leaves him to go to school. Finally, after waiting for a long time and having to go see lots of other animals first, Splat is on his way to see the penguins when Seymour crashes out of the air on a paper airplane, scares the elephant, and the elephant breaks the pool where the penguins live. Splat is disappointed, but Seymour won’t let Splat go home without giving him the opportunity to see his favorite animal. It’s Penguin Day for Splat after all!