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The Loch Mess Monster


Aylea Stephens


Excellent, Preschool, Helen Lester, Lynn Munsinger, Clean, Messy, Scotland, Loch Ness, Monsters, Picture Book

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Book Review


In Scotland, there is a legend of a monster that lives at the bottom of a lake, but it turns out that the legend is false: there are actually three monsters. Angus, the little monster, has always been taught the Five Basic Monster Rules, but even though he is well-behaved, he makes huge messes and doesn’t pay attention to rule number two: always pick up after yourself. Until he does, his parents tell him that he needs to stay in his room so he can keep his mess in there. His pile of stuff on the bed keeps growing and growing until he forgets the number 1 rule: nevereverEVER go up to the surface of the loch. The goats who have been waiting to see the Loch Ness Monster find out that it’s a Loch MESS monster instead! Finally Angus decides to clean up his mess.