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The View from Saturday


Dependable, Primary, Intermediate, E.L. Konigsburg, Sixth Grade, Elementary School, Friendship, Competition, Divorce, Death

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Book Review


Join four sixth graders and their teacher, Mrs. O., as they tell share their journeys leading up to being chosen to compete on the sixth grade Academic Bowl team. Each student has a different background and family life.Noah’s life becomes that much more exciting when he unexpectedly becomes the best man at his classmate’s grandparents’ wedding. Ethan has an older brother who set the bar really high, which makes him anxious as he figures out what he is good at. Nadia’s parents are divorced, so she spends some time in Florida getting to know herself and her dad. Julian is Indian and just moved in. His mother passed away recently and his dad is renovating an old house in town. Finally, Mrs. O is their sixth grade teacher and a paraplegic, who watches these four become best friends, and the winning sixth grade Academic Bowl team.