Article Title

Odd Duck


Aylea Stephens


Outstanding, Primary, Cecil Castellucci, Sara Varon, Ducks, Friendship, Differences, Picture Book

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Book Review


Theodora is a normal duck. She does her morning laps with a cup of tea on her head to maintain her posture, eats her duck food with mango salsa, reads books that haven’t been checked out from the library in years, and didn’t travel south for the winter with the other ducks, but there was nothing strange about all of that. Her new neighbor, Chad, however, is an odd duck. He is just not the kind of duck that she wants to spend time with. She looks forward to winter when he will fly south, but he doesn’t leave. During that winter, Theodora learns that she and Chad have a lot more in common that she would have guessed. When they get into a fight about who is the most odd, they decide that in spite of their oddness, they like each other just the way they are.