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Not For Sale


Jess Brown


Dependable, Intermediate, Jess Baron, Show Business, Movies, Ideas, Contemporary

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Book Review


After he turns down the contract with a major movie company so he can write his own screenplay, Sean still isn’t done in the business world. He wants to sell the idea that will change the entertainment industry forever. He emails a head a company, but also continues to get emails from other companies about his movie. Because more than one company is interested he thinks it would be a good idea to start a bidding war. In between negotiating terms, pretending to be Dan Welch (his manager), and doing research to write his screenplay, mysterious things happen that make him wonder if someone is trying to steal his idea instead of buying it. With some creativity and the help of Dan Welch, Sean gets to the bottom of who is after his ideas and decides what he wants to do next in the entertainment industry.