Ariel Woodbury


Outstanding, Primary, Belinda Jensen, Renee Kurilla, Weather, Storms, Sleepover, Fears

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Book Review


Bel and her cousin Dylan are having a sleepover when BOOM! A thunderstorm starts outside. Dylan is frightened of the thunder, but Bel helps him realize that weather isn't so scary once you understand it. Bel teaches him how thunder and lightening happen at the same time, what causes thunder, and how to tell how far away the storm is. This is a great choice for kids who are scared of thunderstorms. They can try playing the game in the story to tell how far away the storm is and if it is getting closer or farther away. The book includes a lot of simple, but scientific explanations and an experiment to demonstrate what makes thunder at the back of the book. There are additional resources listed as well, including an online game and coloring pages at the end as well. Overall, this book is a great educational resource for kids interested in weather or who are scared during storms.