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Penny and Her Marble


Excellent, Primary, Kevin Hankes, Honesty, Penny Series, Mice

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Book Review


One day, Penny finds a marble in Mrs. Goodwin’s lawn. No one is watching, so she takes it and races home. Penny loves how smooth, shiny, and blue the marble is. She hides it in her dresser drawer. Penny see Mrs. Goodwin looking around on her lawn and is worried. Penny can't stop thinking about the marble she took. Penny is so distracted and nervous that nothing is fun anymore. She even dreams about Mrs. Goodwin and the marble! In the morning, Penny decides to return the marble to its spot. When she does, Mrs. Goodwin comes out to tell Penny that she had found the marble in her garden and left it there on the grass hoping that Penny would pick it up. Finally, Penny is back to her normal self again, happy and using her imagination. Penny and Her Marble is the third book in the Penny series by best-selling author, Kevin Henkes. This book is perfect for beginning readers with its short chapters and simple text. Children can read this book in order, as part of the Penny the Mouse series, or they can read it on its own. Illustrations are included on every page spread. The illustrations never take up the entire page, giving readers just a small glimpse into Penny’s world. Parents and teachers reading this book to small children could easily teach them about honesty, applying Penny’s experience with guilt to a child’s experience. Children will learn that it’s always worth it to be honest and good feelings come when people tell the truth.