Kelsie Ward


Outstanding, Toddler, Preschool, Primary, Wendell Minor, Animal Behavior, Nocturnal Animals, Diurnal Animals

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Book Review


Daylight Starlight Wild Life is a brilliant depiction for the introduction of diurnal and nocturnal creatures. This story leads the reader to experience a variety of animals and their roaming habits by day and night, and back again. The story itself creates a contrasting displays of animals from a red-tailed hawk that soars by day, to a wide-eyed barn owl that is silent by night. A cottontail rabbit and kits to a pink-nosed opossum and family, and many more. Many of the animals are familiar to children, such as rabbits and deer, but there are also several that are lesser known, such as flying squirrel or luna moth. The author does provide a Fun Facts section at the end of the book, providing basic knowledge for each individual animal. With the life-like illustrations, it allows for the readers to really identify with these animals that are all around them. The vividness of the paintings that are provided create that attractive appeal, as each animal and surrounding is very realistic. This style of story is a helpful option for the curiosity and interested young readers between the ages of preschool to second grade. The animals have simple comparisons, that essentially creates that basic connection between the differences among the animals that are visible during the day, compared to the others that are seen among the night.