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How to Find a Fox


Ariel Woodbury


Outstanding, Preschool, Nilah Magruder, Foxes, Animals, Self-Esteem, Adventure, Self-Reliance

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Book Review


This little girl is on a mission to find a fox! But when looking in a fox hole and leaving fox bait out doesn't work, she decides to try a different approach. After spending the day searching for a fox, the girl is very tired. She takes a rest and discovers that sometimes the fox wants to find you instead! How to Find a Fox is a fantastic book. The sneaky fox eludes the little girl on every page and children will love looking for him and enjoy his (sometimes silly) disguises. The illustrations are incredibly well done with vibrant colors and cute characters. Each page has a few words from the girl's perspective, allowing for much of the story to be told through the images of the fox and the girl in the forest. There isn't any particular plot or moral to the story, but it is very enjoyable to read and an excellent production.