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Sheep Go to Sleep


Ariel Woodbury


Outstanding, Preschool, Nancy Shaw, Margot Apple, Rhymes, Bedtime, Sheep, Dogs, Sleep, Picture Book

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Book Review


It's getting late so the sheep head back to their shed to go to sleep, but there are lots of scary noises outside! They can't go to sleep until their friend collie comes to help. The collie gives them hugs, some water, sings a lullaby, and anything else the sheep ask for until, one by one, they have all fallen asleep. This books rhyming narrative will lull readers to sleep while they listen to the border collie help these five sheep to do the same. The verse alludes to 'counting sheep' as it counts each sheep as they fall asleep. The pages of this book are covered with Margot Apple's usual artistic style of colored pencil drawings and soft images that make this book the perfect prelude for nap or bedtime.