Aylea Stephens


Outstanding, Primary, Sy Montgomery, Nic Bishop, Cheetahs, Big Cats, Nonfiction, Scientists In The Field

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Book Review


In another beautiful book in the Scientist in the Field series, readers can learn about the efforts to keep cheetahs safe from a world that threatens them. The dramatic decline in the number of cheetahs in the last hundred years have led some scientists to dedicating their lives to the study and protection of these creatures. The book details efforts to help people understand cheetahs and be able to work with them with efforts such as giving farmers dogs to protect their lands so the farmers don't feel the need to kill cheetahs. Chasing Cheetahs: The Race To Save Africa's Fastest Cat has beautiful full-page photographs of cheetahs and the people who study them, pages of easy facts, and a story to read full of real-life environmental heroes. Readers will learn a lot about the scientific, cultural, and political process of protecting endangered animals as well as a lot about cheetahs. Young readers will be able to be inspired by the gorgeous photographs, the lives of the scientists, and the beautiful animals themselves.