Outstanding, Primary, Intermediate, Judith St. George, David Small, U.S. Presidents, Humor, Picture Book

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Book Review


Have you ever considered being President of the United States? So You Want to Be President might just convince you to pursue that, or maybe completely change your mind! The United States has had many different presidents, some better than others. You’ll learn from this book that the job of a President isn’t all that easy. And you’ll even learn all the obscure facts that you never knew about U.S. presidents, starting from the first president George Washington. Watercolors, pen and ink, and pastels were used to create the illustrations in this book. Each character has a caricature-like look to them, even at the end with each of their interesting facts. The illustrations do not correlate with the text exactly and everything in the illustrations is exaggerated to draw in the reader and make them giggle. For example, a crane was not really brought into the White House in order to get William Howard Taft into his bathtub, even though he really was more than 300 pounds and he did have a custom-made bathtub! The illustrations tell you otherwise but make the stories fun for readers.